The most beautiful things are not associated with money,
they are memories and moments


Life is an emotional roller coaster. Punctuated by moments and memories that last a lifetime. #DownMemoryLaneWithToshiba has been created to encourage people from all walks of life and across multiple geographies to share their memories captured on camera/smartphone either as images or videos. And in the process make them more everlasting, liveable and memorable.


#DownMemoryLaneWithToshiba is open to one and all. The idea is to inspire you to be sharing the best and most interesting moments of your life, captured as either photo/s or video/s, getting them noticed, appreciated, shared and eventually recognise and reward those who get the maximum attention from their community of followers and outside of that with our jury panel.


As humans, everyday we are always either rising to the occasion or making an occasion. We traverse through a spectrum of emotions feeling happy, excited, anxious and more. These varying emotions best tell our stories. And the stories of our near and dear ones. And those become entrenched as memories.

The #DownMemoryLaneWithToshiba is a platform that encourages you to share your memories as they have the strength to inspire, motivate and transform not just your lives but for a lot of others around you as well.


We are in an ever sharing eco system. Collaboration is everywhere. It's very easy to participate in #DownMemoryLaneWithToshiba. Upload image/s or video/s of any moment that you feel is worth sharing (see Examples section below for reference ideas) to our Instagram page # with the Tags #DownMemoryLaneWithToshiba. Invite your friends and community of followers to like, share or comment on it. The more your following and likes/shares/comments, the greater your chances of being shortlisted by the jury panel for prizes to be given away at a recognition ceremony.

Some examples of what you could upload

There is no restriction on what images or videos you can upload. Imagination, candidness, creativity, intuitiveness, being natural is encouraged. Some examples are listed..

Images or video of a newborn child.

Or her 1st birthday party. Or 18th.

Or him going off to university for the first time.

Her reaction on receiving her first job offer.

Your love at first sight moment.

Engagement. Marriage. Anniversary. Special milestones in your life.

Your Child's Graduation Ceremony.

Arrival/Departure moments of a loved one at the airport.

A Family Holiday.

A backpacking trip.

A farewell party.

The possibilities are endless. Feel free and let your imagination take over


Copyright and all other rights remain that of the individual submitting. Any photograph/video used by #DownMemoryLaneWithToshiba shall carry the contributor's credit line.

Jury Panel

#DownMemoryLaneWithToshiba will have an eminent jury panel who will judge the entries based on the likes/shares/comments they have received and based on the creativity, imagination, ingenuity that has been used by the participant. The jury's decision is final and binding.

Prizes* & Recognition

  • 3 Winners for a Foreign Holiday
  • 4 Winners for a DSLR cameras
  • 4 Winners for University of Bolton Scholarships
  • Luxury Car Driving Experience
  • 5 winners (2 persons each) for Dubai Parks & Resorts for a weekend getaway including rides and stay.
  • 5 Winners for Majid Al Futtaim City Center Gift Cards
  • 4 Winners for an Artistic Dinner at XVA Cafe
  • Certificates and Trophies by Toshiba MEA
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*Please do note to all the above giveaways; Terms and Conditions Apply.


1Is there an entry fee to participate in#DownMemoryLaneWithToshiba?

No, it's free to enter. There are no entry or participation fees.

2What kind of photos/videos can I upload?

Kindly refer the Examples section on this website to understand more.

3Do the photo/s or video/s have to be done professionally?

The objective of #DownMemoryLaneWithToshiba is to capture and share the best moments of your life and preserve them. We are not seeking or restricting entries based on professional quality. Its open to one and all who have used love, passion, ingenuity, creativity, imagination to capture a precious moment.

4What kind of equipment am I allowed to use?

Any and all- your smartphone, your DSLR camera, your mirrorless camera, your Instax or any other. There is no restriction.

5How do i make my submission of photos/videos?

Kindly refer to the submission guidelines on this website to understand more.

6How do I know if my submission is complete?

Your image/video as soon as received will be acknowledged as having received in order.

7Is there a limit to the number of photos/videos that I can submit?

Per participant, you can submit upto a maximum of 10 images and/or 5 videos.

8Is there a time limit within which the photo/video has been taken?

No, there is no time limit.

9When are the winners announced?

The winners will be announced at the end of XXX and if you are a winner, you will be notified by both email & phone.

Recognition Ceremony

The #DownMemoryLaneWithToshiba will end with a Recognition Ceremony in Dubai the dates and venue of which will be announced in due course on this site.

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